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What People Are Saying

"If you’re looking for a book to help you develop a culture of continuous improvement and mutual trust and respect in your organization, Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results is for you. Herald and Sparks have mined countless gems from a “not so well known” book and character in the bible, Nehemiah.  They illustrate how we can operate today with the same principles Nehemiah did then. To have vision and purpose, care about the people you “serve” as a leader and get phenomenal results. This and other timeless principles of leadership and life are brought to life with present day examples and stories that will help us all “continually improve” in the workplace, family or any other organization." 

- Mike Hoseus, Co-Author “Toyota Culture, The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way”

"I've just finished your book. Excellent work! As I read your book, I was reminded of my own experiences as a manager and now as a pastor. Much of my background was similar to Doug's. Some of the things I resonated with were the admonishments to do more than you are paid to do. My dad always said to me, "Do more than you are expected, and you will be well taken care of." I appreciate how you give importance to caring about your employees; how important it is to show mercy and be gracious. I am a proponent of showing mercy even if it costs me. I also appreciate how you were honest in revealing the real world expectations and to expect the unexpected. People will try to bring you down. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein "Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart." (Heb 12:3 NIV)"

-Danny White, Pastor Robert Lee Baptist Church

Why a Workbook? 

The workbook is meant to inspire growth, pinpoint areas to be developed, and encourage you to think through questions that will spur you on to being a better leader.  The workbook is not all-encompassing, and in fact, you’ll find at the end of each section a series of blanks for you to write your own questions and explore the depths of your thoughts as you use these principals in your surroundings.

 Whether you’re a CEO of a major corporation, a cook at a fast-food restaurant, a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, or anything and everything in between, there are truths that you can glean from this information and our hope is that these questions will cause you to really think.  Take your time in answering these questions.  It will do you no good to simply answer yes or no. If you really want to grow and change, invest time in yourself as you contemplate your answers and how you can really improve yourself and those around you. Your engagement with this material will determine the outcome of what you get. Be real, be vulnerable, and be willing to develop in every area of your life.

What's the book about?

The art of creating positive change in people, businesses, and organizations is done best through servant leadership. Change can be driven by either desperation or inspiration, but it most often comes due to desperation.  The purpose of this book is to teach you leadership principles that actually can spur positive change within individuals, families, organizations and even countries so that you are equipped to really make a difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. The type of leadership we are talking about is not in a position, but rather in an action from a person. There are all types of leaders: good, bad, those that lead to destruction, those that lead people forward to something better, and those that don’t really seem to do anything at all. The key is to understand the “what,” “how,” and “who” of leadership.

 Our desire as you read this book is to teach you leadership in a way that helps you affect people and bring purpose in their lives through what they do.  This is not a book just about leading people in a work place, but about leading in life as a whole, whether that is as a parent, a spouse, a friend, or in any role you may fill.  Our desire is for you to be the type of person that others can count on and look to in times of difficulty because they can trust you, and for you to be the one they will lean on because you are a source of encouragement and inspiration. 

What's Inside: 

Forward by Chuck Proudfit
Preface: Introduction to the Book of Nehemiah
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Nehemiah 1 Getting Started
Chapter 3: Nehemiah 2:1-10 Business Plan
Chapter 4: Nehemiah 2:11-20 Continued Beginning Steps
Chapter 5: Nehemiah 3 The Setup
Chapter 6: Nehemiah 4:1-15 When things get tough
Chapter 7: Nehemiah 4:16-23 PDCA and Problem Solving
Chapter 8: Nehemiah 5 The Right Culture: Building a Culture of Respect
Chapter 9: Nehemiah 6 Don’t Let Progress Be Your Downfall
Chapter 10: Nehemiah 7-8 Engaging People
Chapter 11: Nehemiah 9 Bringing the Culture to the Newbies
Chapter 12: Nehemiah 10 Commitment and Trust
Chapter 13: Nehemiah 11 Building New Leadership
Chapter 14: Nehemiah 12 Taking Care of People
Chapter 15: Nehemiah 13:1-15 Conflict Management
Chapter 16: Nehemiah 13:15-30 Building and Maintaining Quality Relationships
Chapter 17: Conclusion