Dr. Bobbie Sparks

Bobbie earned her bachelors in Math from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Master's in Cross-Cultural Studies, and Doctorate in Religious Education. She has over 10 years of experience in Education teaching children through adults. She is part owner of ASEnglish4u.cn where she writes curriculum, offers administration support, trains teachers, tests students, and works with individuals and groups in building language and skills needed to improve life. She spends countless hours developing leaders around the world. Bobbie spent several years living in China learning the language, building relationships, teaching at Universities, and working with schools in building up their educational systems as an Educational Consultant. She has co-written a series of 4 ESL books for Chinese students entitled English Made Easier. She has authored several other books over the past several years. She is currently the US Chief Representative for Convenience in China, Guangzhou, a one-stop shop for all things personal and business related in China. An endless researcher, self-learner, and entrepreneur.

About the Authors

Doug Herald
Doug earned his Bachelor's from Blue Ridge Institute in North Carolina with additional credits from Ohio State University and Xavier University.. He has over 26 years experience in the Food Industry; first working with Sara Lee Foods, then The Wornick Co. and Zwanenburg Food Group USA.  He has held positions of increasing responsibility in Warehouse, Maintenance, and Operations.  He began his career at Wornick in December, 1994 as a Warehouse Manager.  In April, 2001 he moved into Operations as the Project Manager of the Gerber line start-up and then to Production Manager until 2006 when he left Wornick for a short time to be the Plant Manager for the Zwanenburg Food Group USA.  Doug returned to Wornick in February, 2007 as Director of Maintenance & Engineering.  In November, 2008, while still maintaining his current responsibilities, he also became Director of Manufacturing.  Finally, in February, 2010 he became Director of the Operation with Facility’s Maintenance and Engineering.  In November of 2013, after successfully incorporating a new Lean Manufacturing Operating System at Wornick Foods, Doug was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing at Wornick Foods. Throughout this career Doug has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of the people that he has worked for with a servant leadership style that drives deep employee engagement and continuous improvements.  Over the last 7 years Doug has invested heavily in personal and emotional research to drive personal improvement and now looks forward to sharing with people what he has learned. With a tremendous understanding of the completeness of life in every facet, Doug has a passion to teach the completeness of life and leadership through what he calls, "Touching People for Time and Eternity."
Doug was born and raised on a family owned farm in Grant’s Lick, Kentucky where, with his brother and sister, he was raised by his grandparents Charles and Edith Peters while his wonderful mom, Alvena, went to work to financially support the family. After high school he went to work for Sara Lee Foods. Doug has been married to Tammie (Sebastian) Herald for 26 plus years and they have three daughters who all currently are attending college.  ​