Does this really work?  The simple answer is yes.  Some of the best companies have in place systems of servant-leadership.  Companies such as Toyota have created entire processes around the servant-leadership model.  Leadership done well creates an environment of safety, security, and growth for everyone involved. This type of leadership should be a part of our everyday lives, regardless of the role we are in.  So whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, there's always a need to develop leadership skills.  At Time & Eternity, we want you to live a whole life, not one that is segregated.  We hope to inspire you to live bodly and to serve others so that you too can benefit from the continuous improvement of everyone within your influence. 


Traditional Leadership

Leadership is a term that has taken on many definitions. At Time & Eternity, we teach servant-leadership.  What's the difference you may ask?  Servant-Leadership is based on the Biblical principles of leaders building up others by supporting them in order to build a sustainable system of growth.  

Where are you leading people?

Book 1: Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results

Leading in Life, Home, and Work

Authors: Doug Herald and Dr. Bobbie Sparks

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